Not Your Mother's - Clean Freak Cleansing Conditioner

Not Your Mother's - Clean Freak Cleansing Conditioner
Item# 13033

Product Features:

Close your eyes and imagine a world with perfect hair every day. Do you see it? Itís beautiful, isnít it? Well, stop dreaming! Maybe you canít have supermodel hair every day, but you can have healthy, gorgeous hair! Clean Freak can help you get there. It will cleanse hair (like shampoo!) without the chemical lather stripping it of its natural oils and moisturize, nourish, soothe and soften hair (like a deep conditioner!) with just a few pumps. Infused with raspberry extract, raspberry seed oil, wild water mint extract and quinoa protein this cleansing conditioner is a multitasking must-have.

Application: Apply 2-4 pumps of product into palms. Use more or less depending on hair length and texture. Massage into hair and scalp, leaving on for 3-4 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, making sure all product is out.